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2010-02-12 01:20:29 by Shnapple

whateva..ive been gone for a while, and i never got around to uploading (or finishing) that damn project of mine.
Ive let you down newgrounds, but I will do my best to get something up on this site that's worthy of watching


2009-11-24 04:38:57 by Shnapple

Huge ass mother-fker of a project..about 7500 frames with music and...not much of a meaning..
I will honestly be surprised if I actually finish the damn thing
My goal is to have it done by christmas...but damn I know there is no way in hell thats going to actually happen.
(the main idea of it)
pretty much two people -male and female- fighting against a buttmunch load of te snow :3
it should look nice when I finish it but I just hope the newgrounds community has a heart when they watch it -->
wish my luck '-_-